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Advantages of using Hydrogen on your engine

The most important advantage in installing a hydrogen system on your car is our environment.  Even if you only install a small fixed output system it will at least reduce your cars emissions and that needs to be everyone primary goal.

It doesn't take much Hydrogen to make a difference in how much cleaner your cars emissions will be.
Even a small amount like 1 liter per minute which is not much Hydrogen at all will assist in your engine burning more of its fuel which would have otherwise been passed through your exhaust system.
The reason why that even a minute amount of Hydrogen will help is simple when you consider how your engine works and how low the octane is in the fuel we use. 
Your cars engine is not the most efficient.  When you add low octane fuel to the mix you end up with a scenario where the fuel will not fully detonate in the engines cylinders.
Mixing Hydrogen in with the fuel causes a faster and much more complete detonation.  An example you can get your mind into is this..  If you pour gasoline on a pile of wood and light a match in toss it in the wood you get a huge WHOOF and a lot of heat...
If you could pour that much Hydrogen on that same pile of wood, when you throw that lit match you would get a HUGE, and I do mean HUGE  BOOM in a split second...  Once you got back from the hospital or at the very least walked back from your neighbors yard you would then realize that Hydrogen explodes with great speed where gasoline explodes by continuing its contact with fire to fuel.

The more Hydrogen you introduce into your engine the more complete your fuel burn will be.
One liter per minute will not give you any increase in mileage unless you are talking about a lawn mower.
Two plus liters per minute is where the difference in mileage might be able to be seen on smaller engines, but it depends on if your cell and power supply is inefficient or not.
Hydrogen is like anything else, you'll get out of it what you put in it.  You go cheap on either one don't be surprised if your quality or quantity is cheap.

There is a point, depending on the size of your engine where you will begin to see a gain in fuel economy.
This is done without modifying your engine or its computer in any way.
Be sure to read the page about modifying your vehicles engine om the Tips and Tricks page.

To get maximum advantage you need to be able to create several liters per minute from a highly efficient cell and power supply.  

There is more discussion about this on some of the other pages in our Tips and Tricks section here at TLG Hydrogen.

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