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Hydrogen on Demand
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On August 26th 2009 I share with the world exactly how to make H.O.D.

I've been getting a lot of questions on the TLG Windpower side, people asking when we are going to tell what our power supply is?.
Although I have been running my prototype H.O.D. system on my custom built VW Trike for a while now, I still want to have some field proven results from a third party.  To get these results I sent two different models of my power supply to Jeff Riddle in Florida.  Jeff is running our power supplies on some of his cell designs to see how it performs and holds up under long term operation.  Once we feel Jeff has put our power supply through its paces I will then feel that it is ready for you.  I look for him to have enough results by mid November.

The above paragraph is what remains of the original page.  This site has sat here dormant for entirely too long and I have waited as long as I am going to wait and I know that I am not alone in waiting as several of you have waited as long as I have.  As of today your wait is over.

Several people all over the world are chasing the Hydrogen dream but many are chasing after the works of the late Stanley Meyers God rest his soul.  The information that is available from his work is sketchy and I feel is nothing more than a decoy to throw off anyone that would try to duplicate his work.
I think Mr. Meyers realized something that a lot of people never consider because we are taught to believe and trust that when you patent your idea it is safe, but the truth is you show the world how you did it.  You reveal your secrets of how your (whatever) works, and there are people out there that will look at your work, make minor changes to it, then call it their own.  To me that is about all a patent is really good for.  There are other ways to protect your work other than open exposure.  If you ever watched the movie Armageddon with Bruce Willis you may recall the part where his character walked into NASA and before him was his patented drilling machine built and complete right before his eyes.  Granted it was a movie but none the less a classic example of what I am talking about.  If you think that because you throw a patent on something you are safe, then you really need to open your eyes and I think that Mr. Meyers didn't want everyone knowing how he did it until the time was right.  Sadly the world may never know exactly what Mr. Meyers came up with but it is clear that he had something that really worked.

What I came up with is what I call Hydrogen on Demand, or HOD for short.  It is a combination of several factors.  The kind of production you will get from your experiment will vary based on several factors including ambient temperature.  But you will be able to make insane amounts of Hydrogen Air fuel mix with what I will share with you.

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